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After 13 great years,
we will be closing as of
January 22

Drink from Glass. Be at Peace.

Enjoy the unique Libre #glasstogo

It's protected with a clear, strong shell.

Glass is the safest surface to drink from!

and ensures no leaching,

and no leftover tastes or smells.

Always a fresh taste for your favorite drink.

Choose your Libre #glasstogo

Our unique design - your #glasstogo

The clear, strong shell protects the hi-temp glass and makes it safe for everyday bumps.

Take our glass wherever you want to go.

Yes, hot or cold! 

Perfect for loose teas, herbs, fruit infusions 'on the go', even coffee, or a quick protein shake.

Our removable filter makes it easy - no bits in your mouth.

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We love to inspire moments of peace.

With our Libre #glasstogo you can

Be at Peace anytime, anywhere.

Check out this moodshifting meditation.

For more inspiration, visit our Peace Practices page.

Peace Practices

Drink from glass. Be at Peace.

Your creations - infusions for health and hydration

Hot & Healthy

Warm detox or soothing throat remedies are easy with Libre. Our unique filter keeps all the bits in the glass and away from your mouth.

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Essential Green Tea

Not only can you watch the beautiful green tea leaves unfurl and dance, you can easily refill and enjoy every last bit of flavour.

The benefits of tea

Custom Chai On the Run

Build your own chai recipe, and take it on the go for easy refills.

Get some ideas

Glass works with essential oils - hot or cold! Be at Peace.

Refreshing lavender lemonade

Hot ginger and lemon soother

Libre #glasstogo Musings

  • Be at peace in the holiday season

    Be at peace in the holiday season

    December 10 2021

    I wish you much peace in this season of light and joy.In these days, when peace and joy may be hard to find there is hope...I wanted to share a brief 'practise in the moment'.My hope is we can be the peace and joy for the season...or the change we want to see in the world! No doubt you know our feelings are...

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