Join us for 10 Minutes of Peace

We all want more inner peace in these strange days.

It's our pleasure and delight to offer you this 10 Minutes of Peace series to support your ongoing practice. This free series includes 5 videos - each about 10 minutes long - as well as some thoughtful, inspiring quote memes to save and share.

These videos offer a variety of calming breathing and meditation ideas from our Founder, Wendy Weir.

Make them your own and practice the techniques which resonate most with you. Assess with how you feel after each. Use them as often as you wish.


A message from our founder....

Our founder, Wendy Weir

"Thanks for your interest in a more peaceful life experience🙂 with over 20 years of yoga, breath and meditation practise i know this is my path to my own heart and my inner well of peace and silence. I truly trust these 5 videos will give you new ways to inspire your practise of inner peace. As within so without - lets each do our part!"

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Thanks so much and best wishes with your practice.